Sculpture from the Scratch !!

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."

Probably Mr. Punit Soni has been following this which is why he has been successful today.
Punit_Soni, ex-Chief Product Officer of #Flipkart and current CEO of healthiest start-up Robin, is someone who has traversed with equal ease both the Indian and the Silicon Valley start-up ecosystem. An engineering graduate from NIT, he was working with Google before Flipkart roped him as the Product Head.

At Flipkart, he helped build the largest marketplace in India and was instrumental in launching innovative mobile products like shopping messaging app Ping, Image search, Flipkart Lite and more.

Punit left Flipkart to take a deep dive in the difficult yet vast #healthtech space with his start-up Robin, which is building AI solutions for healthcare.

“A successful firm is a miracle as 99% start-ups fail.But if you put your head to it, there's a shot that you will get through it." "That's the biggest lesson one can learn out of Flipkart," This is an inspiration to the young business leaders and aspirants who want want to start up their own project

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