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The new Skype for desktop is here [OCT 2017]

In today’s hectic world, maintaining our personal connections is more important than ever. We need to get more done, whether it’s planning daily menus, scheduling appointments, coordinating family schedules, or having a virtual tutoring session. We’ve been listening to your feedback and making improvements, and today we’re rolling out a new version of Skype for desktop to make staying in touch easier—both professionally and personally.
The Skype for desktop Preview and the next generation of Skype for mobile improved the way you connect with your contacts and added expanded capabilities such as personalized themes, chat list, and @mentions to the Skype experience. The Skype desktop app—now out of preview and rolling out today—brings all these exciting new improvements and features to your desktop. It’s all built on brand-new technology that scales to billions of people on a reliable platform.
Your everyday place for personal connections

You’re on your phone a lot—but you’re probably on t…

SEO Ranking Factors in 2017: What’s Important and What’s Not

What are the most crucial search engine ranking factors these days? Panelists at SMX East discussed their findings and provided practical advice for putting this data into action.
As technology advances, search engines can refine their ranking algorithms to better determine relevance and return results that better align with searcher intent.

Because these ranking algorithms are constantly being improved and refined, search engine ranking factors are always evolving. Factors that might once have had a huge impact on search rankings may no longer matter all that much, and new ranking factors (such as mobile-friendliness or HTTPS) can emerge to reflect changing technologies and user behaviors.
So, what are the most important ranking factors today, in 2017? A panel at SMX East, “SEO Ranking Factors in 2017: What’s Important and What’s Not,” sought to answer that question. This panel featured data from large-scale studies performed by SEMrush and Searchmetrics, as well as case studies and pra…

New Search Tool Helps Firms Find the Best B2B Software Fit

Siftery on Thursday announced the launch of its new Product Alternatives search tool, which is designed to help companies find alternative B2B software products when replacements are needed.

The Product Alternatives tool allows users to search a database of more than 40,000 software options, Siftery said. Its artificial intelligence technology not only helps find suitable alternative products, but also ranks the various options. Recommendations take into account the products companies currently are using, as well as products that are in greater demand, based on trend data.
"While we're building a best-in-class dataset of B2B software products and the companies that use them, what's even more interesting is building the tools and intelligence like this that can help more businesses find the software for their unique needs," said Ayan Barua, chief technology officer at Siftery.
Getting It Right
Companies, on average, use 20 different types of software at a time, noted Gerr…

Europe’s first underwater restaurant to open in Norway

A firm, that has designed Europe's first underwater restaurant, aims to provide information to the public about the biodiversity of the sea and expose them to an inspiring water experience, both 'physical and intellectual'. It will be open to public in 2018.

A Norwegian architecture firm is planning to build Europe’s first underwater restaurant, a three-level structure along with a panoramic view of the sea floor in southern Norway. According to the official website of the firm, the restaurant, which will also function as a research center for marine life, is a tribute to the Norwegian coast and to Lindesnes – the wild fauna of the sea and the rocky coastline of Norway’s southern tip. The restaurant, which is named ‘Under’ has a double meaning to it. In Norwegian, “under” can also be translated into ‘wonder’. The structure, which rests on the sea bed five metres below the water’s surface, is built with metre-thick concrete walls to withstand pressure and shock from the rugge…

Amazon to introduce Key service for in-home packages delivery

Amazon said Wednesday it'll launch a service called Amazon Key next month that will let people allow the door to be unlocked when they're not there so packages can be left inside.

Don’t want Amazon boxes sitting on the porch? The company hopes you’ll let a stranger inside to drop them off. Amazon said Wednesday it’ll launch a service called Amazon Key next month that will let people allow the door to be unlocked when they’re not there so packages can be left inside.

The proposal drew plenty of humorous reactions on social media, as well as concerns about safety or delivery employees being mistaken for intruders. Amazon said the drivers would be well-vetted, while one expert said the company has built up trust with customers and younger customers were more likely to try it out.
An in-home delivery program also falls in line with Amazon’s strategy of trying to make shopping with it so convenient that consumers don’t think about buying elsewhere. And with the option requiring a spec…

Researchers Develop A Test That Can Detect HIV In Just 10 Seconds

Researchers from the University of Surrey, in collaboration with colleagues at University College London, the Africa Health research Institute (South Africa), OJ-Bio (Newcastle), QV (holdings (Netherlands) and the Japan Radio Co Ltd, have developed a mobile test using technology found in smartphones, and it could provide doctors and carers with a virtually instantaneous way of diagnosing someone with HIV. The test uses just a single drop of blood from a patient to produce a positive test within 10 seconds.

The test, announced in Scientific Reports, uses surface acoustic wave (SAW) biochips, which are based on microelectronic components found in smartphones. The disposable quartz biochips are extremely fast because they do not require complex labeling, amplification or wash steps, and a pocket-sized control box reads out the SAW signal and displays results electronically.
Early detection of HIV is vital to help contain potential outbreaks, but existing tests require complex analysis equi…

WhatsApp Live Location feature available in India: Here’s how to use

The Whatsapp live location sharing feature is short-term with Whatsapp users controlling all aspects about who to, when and for how long.

Whatsapp has announced a new feature that will tell people in your contacts where you are. The Live Location sharing feature is short-term with users controlling all aspects about who to, when and for how long. The feature will come in handy to tell everyone where you are and if you are safe, it would also be a great way for friends and family to track you if you are expected somewhere or are on a trip.
“This end-to-end encrypted feature lets you control who you share with and for how long. You can choose to stop sharing at any time or let the Live Location timer simply expire,” a Whatsapp blog said, adding that feature too was end-to-end encrypted. So how will Whatsapp Live Location feature work?
Well, users can open a chat with the person or group you want to share with. Then under “Location” in the attach button, there’s a new option to “Share Live L…

WhatsApp Confirms Group Voice Calls in Latest Update

According to WaBetaInfo, a popular website that tests new WhatsApp features early, the 2.17.70 beta WhatsApp update has confirmed group calls.

Giving its over one billion users more power to connect, WhatsApp has confirmed group voice calls in its latest beta version of Android. According to WaBetaInfo, a popular website that tests new WhatsApp features early, the 2.17.70 beta WhatsApp update has confirmed group calls. "The 2.17.70 iOS update has very hidden references to group calls! Before it was an internal news, now it's all confirmed. "There are a lot of hidden references about group voice calls, but there is only one reference about group video calls. So group video calls are partially confirmed at the moment," WaBetaInfo tweeted on Sunday.

It was earlier reported that the Facebook-owned messaging app was working on a group voice calls and could release the feature next year. Facebook already has a similar feature on Messenger. "WhatsApp 2.17.70 sends a req…

Google Play Store Gets Instant App Listings With Try It Now Button, New Home for Games

Android Instant Apps are finally making their way to users on the Google Play store listings through a Try It Now button. The company confirmed the integration on Thursday and also announced several updates to the Google Play store.
For the uninitiated, Android Instant Apps lets users access apps from search, social media, messaging, and other deep links without the need to stop and first install the app. You can now spot them on Google Play as well, and the company has provided a list of featured Instant Apps. The list includes BuzzFeed, NYTimes (Crossword), Hollar, Red Bull, Skyscanner, Onefootball Live Soccer Scores - these can now be tried out by users before actually downloading them. Notably, while the list is visible in India, no Try It Now button is showing up for us at the time of writing.

Instant Apps were first introduced at I/O 2016 where Google had explained that the feature requires partner apps to be built with modules, which will mean that user will access only the ne…

WPA2 Wi-Fi Vulnerability to KRACK Attacks Already Patched by Microsoft, Apple; Google Working on Fix

A newly discovered flaw in the widely used Wi-Fi encryption protocol – WPA2 – could leave millions of users vulnerable to attacks, prompting warnings Monday from the US government and security researchers worldwide.

The US government's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) issued a security bulletin saying the flaw can open the door to hackers seeking to eavesdrop on or hijack devices using wireless networks.

"Exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to take control of an affected system," said CERT, which is part of the US Department of Homeland Security.

he agency's warning came on the heels of research by computer scientists at the Belgian university KU Leuven, who dubbed the flaw KRACK, for Key Reinstallation Attack. The KRACK attacks target Wi-Fi clients using the WPA2 protocol, and affected operating systems include Linux and Android, with version 6.0 and above said to be especially vulnerable. Also affected are Wi-Fi capable devices running…

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Seven SEO trends to watch in 2018

Voice search and digital assistantsLink buildingUser experienceFeatured snippets and Quick AnswersMobile-first indexAI and machine learning

Improving SEO in 2018
As it seems, 2018 will be an interesting year for SEO. Traditional SEO techniques are still effective, but a number of trends are in the works that could significantly alter the practice of optimizing for search.
What is useful to understand while we proceed towards is 2018 is that SEO is already changing, and the ranking in the first organic spot is not the ultimate goal anymore. As search engines evolve, there are multiple opportunities to increase your search traffic without necessarily focusing on organic SERPs.
The rise of featured snippets, PPC, voice search and local SEO can often yield better results than an organic ranking. That’s why it’s useful to keep up with the latest trends and discover how your brand can maintain a successful SEO strategy for the year ahead by blending established and growing trends.
Search Engine …

Amazon, Microsoft launch open-source deep learning platform

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft have teamed up to launch an open-source and deep learning interface ‘Gluon’ that will help developers to deploy machine learning models across several platforms. According to a report in ZDNet, the interface would give developers a place where they can prototype, build, train and deploy machine learning models.

“Today’s reality is that building and training machine learning models requires a great deal of heavy lifting and specialised expertise,” Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Amazon AI was quoted as saying. “We created the Gluon interface so building neural networks and training models can be as easy as building an app,” Sivasubramanian added.
The companies claim that ‘Gluon’ is a concise, easy-to-understand programming interface compared to other offerings, and it gives developers a chance to quickly prototype and experiment with neural network models without sacrificing performance. “We believe it is important for the industry to work…

Google Domains Registrar Service Launched in India

Google has quietly launched Google Domains, its Web domain registrar service, in India. The service is available in beta phase in the country, and the company is at present not offering any incentive or other deals to customers - as is popular among registrar services.

Spotted first by Labnol, Google Domains competes with BigRock, GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, Namecheap and other registrar services. Google Domains is known for its simple user interface, perhaps the toughest thing a customer has to go through when setting up a domain.

From purchasing the domain, to setting it up, Google Domains lists all the specifics in a user-friendly manner. For instance, at the time of registration itself, Google Domains asks if the customer would like to hide the details they are submitting to ICANN.

Setting up the domain is easy too, with straightforward sections to configure the DNS and to make use of customised email addresses. One can purchase the customised email addresses from the dashboard…

High blood pressure in 40s could increase risk of dementia in women, study warns

Women with high blood pressure in their 40s have a 73% risk of developing dementia, researchers warn.

For the study, 7,238 people were tracked since the mid 1960s. Participants were around 33-years-old and had their blood pressure monitored, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

When researchers monitored them again in the mid-1970s, they discovered 22% of them had higher blood pressure - 14 percent of women and 31% of men. The results showed 22% had high blood pressure following an examination in their 40s. 18% of  women and 25% of men.

Out of the 5,646 patients who were still alive in 1996, researchers examined those who were diagnosed with dementia and tracked them for 15 years more.

The surprising results showed women who had high blood pressure years earlier were more likely to develop the mental health condition. The results also found women having high blood pressure in their 40s have a 65% increased risk of dementia, while those who develop high blood pressure in their 40s…

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Yahoo says all 3 billion accounts hacked in 2013 data theft

Yahoo on Tuesday said that all 3 billion of its accounts were hacked in a 2013 data theft, tripling its earlier estimate of the size of the largest breach in history

Yahoo on Tuesday said that all 3 billion of its accounts were hacked in a 2013 data theft, tripling its earlier estimate of the size of the largest breach in history, in a disclosure that attorneys said sharply increased the legal exposure of its new owner, Verizon Communications Inc.
The news expands the likely number and claims of class action lawsuits by shareholders and Yahoo account holders, they said. Yahoo, the early face of the internet for many in the world, already faced at least 41 consumer class-action lawsuits in US federal and state courts, according to company securities filing in May.
John Yanchunis, a lawyer representing some of the affected Yahoo users, said a federal judge who allowed the case to go forward still had asked for more information to justify his clients’ claims.
“I think we have those facts now…